Chiropractic Economy Spine Model with Stand

Economy Spine Model with Stand

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Chiropractic Economy Spine Model with Stand

1st Quality Life Size Flexible Chiropractic Spine Model w/Stand

A detailed, budget flexible Chiropractic Economy Spine Model shows all significant features for each vertebra, including vertebral body, spinous and transverse processes, vertebral notch and spinal canal. Features complete pelvis, sacrum, occipital bone, vertebral artery and nerve branches. Herniated disc between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae. Once flexed this  Chiropractic Economy Spine Model will hold the position until flexed again, to allow demonstration of correct & incorrect posture or various pathological positions
Popular Chiropractic model.

This Chiropractic Economy Spine Model Includes Full Color Vertebral Key Identifying 181 Structures.

Ideal budget teaching Chiropractic Economy Spine Model, Chiropractic Economy Spine Study model for students, for patient education by chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons and other medical professionals, or for company health programs on lifting and bending.

  • 2-part stand included.
  • Size: Spine 29″ tall, Chrome Stand 34 1/2″.
  • Flexible Life Size Chiropractic Economy Spine Model illustrating many features
  • Made from a durable plastic resin, which can be painted, stained, sanded or drilled.
  • Chrome Metal Stand
  • FREE Color Key Card identifies 181 structures.
Spine Models are not just for doctors and biologists. No, it is fairly important that Chiropractors, massage therapists and PTs are familiar with anatomy. Most people do not realize this. They may think, “Oh, being a massage therapist must be so easy! They just find knots and rub them out. Why is it so expensive for an hour of massage?” Ah, little do they know. Being a therapist goes way beyond putting some lotion on your hands and rubbing someone’s back.

Chiropractors also massage therapists and PTs have to become knowledgeable when it comes to the human body, both inside and out. They need to know where specific organs are, as well as bones and muscles. They need to know what feels normal and what may be a problem that a doctor should handle. You don’t need your massage therapist making your condition worse. Chiropractors, massage therapists and PTs need to know what they can help, what they can’t, and what it is they’re feeling that may need help.

Anatomical spine models are useful to Chiropractors, massage therapists and PTs in so many ways. A friend of mine is a massage therapist. Because of his know-how concerning anatomy combined with his training, he is actually able to help certain conditions, such as constipation. Had he never studied a chart, he could really injure someone. I know when I go in for a massage, I don’t want someone thinking that a bone in my back is a knot, causing him or her to knead and knead for hours.

You can get many types of Anatomical spine models these days. You can get books that go into detail on everything. You can do interactive studies online. You can hang a single chart on your wall for easy reference while working. Some models are write-on, wipe-off. Pick a book that seems clearest for you. You want to make sure you understand what is going on. If medical jargon isn’t your thing, chose something simpler. You’ll learn more and get your money’s worth.

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