IHT’s BioScan MSA (meridian stress assessment). This is a test that can establish what it is that’s upsetting your body system and organ performance. The BioScan MSA is an FDA-registered class II medical device that tests for stressors in your body in order to provide information for practitioners to personalize nutritional regimens to support your stressed and weakened organs. This device works in accordance with Dr. Reinhold Voll’s theory of conductance and Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg’s homotoxicology chart.

This device delivers low, non-invasive, pain-free electric current on various acupoints on your hands and feet to create an EKG-like circuit with a very sensitive and calibrated ohmmeter. The BioScan measures the impedance of the current and its continuous flow through each meridian and organ and returns the results charted in a user-friendly graphic that we call the “report of findings,” and which correlates the speed of transmission to a Voll reading of 0-100. The BioScan MSA includes software that creates a plot of all the information we collect to a graphic that displays the organ and its stage of health. We can use this information to personalize a support regimen from the electronic library embedded in the software with more than 50,000 items for the choosing.

The BioScan MSA performs electro-dermal screening to identify the acupuncture meridians of your body, giving an overall picture of the function of the organs and systems found along those meridians. The BioScan MSA test measures the energetic profiles of organs, glands, immune system organs, musculoskeletal system, and allergies, among others. It employs passive electrical energy similar to an electrocardiogram or electroencephalogram. Each reading taken for all points is stored in a computer, which proceeds to develop a report. Readings above 55 – out of 100 – appear yellow and indicate excessive energy and possibly inflammation or sensitivity. Readings below 47 appear red and point to reduced energy, weakness, or a chronic condition or organ degeneration. A reading between 47 and 55 appears free and is a sign of a balanced meridian.