Amrex SynchroSonic US/752 -Amrex Combination Ultrasound/High Volt Muscle Stimulator

Combination Ultrasound/High Volt Muscle Stimulator

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Amrex SynchroSonic å¨ US/752
Combination Ultrasound/High Volt Muscle Stimulator

The SynchroSonic US/752 combination unit offers the benefits of therapeutic ultrasoundand high voltage muscle stimulation.The newly designed dual channel high voltage section provides four pad output, two intensity controls and bi-polar application. The SynchroSonic US/752 also features the new Cable Fault Alarm system. The new Cable Fault Alarm system detects improper transducer connection and/or cable damage providing a safety shutdown feature.

Amrex SynchroSonicå¨ US/752 Features:

Lightweight ergonomically designed transducer
Transducer protection switch
0-20 watt output
Optional “QuickConnect” transducer cable
Variable interrupt output mode

Dual channel output
4 pad capability
Bi-polar application (no dispersive pad)
Adjustable frequency range and pulse width
Reciprocal and ramped surge mode
Patient interrupt switch
Adjustable on and off surge duration
Intensity reset circuit
0-30 minute timer
Two-year warranty — generator
One-year warranty — transducer

Combination Ultrasound/High Volt Galvanic/High Volt Stimulator

Precise, Managed Combination Therapy

The SynchroSonic US/752 offers the benefits of therapeutic ultrasound and high volt muscle stimulation for muscle rehabilitation, prevention of muscle atrophy, pain management and edema reduction.

SynchroSonic US/752
The panel design of the SynchroSonic US/752 provides simple operation of ultrasound and high volt muscle stimulation separately or in combination through the ultrasound transducer. The practitioner can precisely manage treatment with a selectable frequency range, selectable independent on/off surge duration and selectable pulse width. The US/752 produces pulsation, tetanize, surge and reciprocal output. The additional benefit of bipolar application eliminates the need

for a single large dispersive electrode. Designed to promote patient assurance, the treatment stop switch allows the patient to discontinue stimulator output at the press of a button.

Soundhead Features and Options
All Amrex ultrasound transducers are lightweight, ergonomically designed and sealed for underwater therapy.
Amrex offers two soundhead faceplate sizes: the standard 2.25″ diameter faceplate or the optional, small 1.5″ diameter faceplate. The QuickConnect Transducer Cable System is optional with the standard soundhead. It is provided with the small soundhead or the dual standard/small soundhead on all Amrex ultrasound equipment.

SynchroSonic U/HVG50 with optional three shelf utility cart

Input Power Requirements

Line Voltage- 120 Vac, 60 Hz
(Special voltages available on request)

Current- 1.0 A

Line Leakage- < 50 A

Ultrasonic Generator
(Complies with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 1050.10 and FCC Regulations)

Frequency- 1.0 MHz 5%

Waveform- amplitude modulated at 120 Hz 1%

Pulse Duration- 8 ms 1%

Output Mode- adjustable interrupted & non-interrupted

Output Power-  0 to 20 W total 20% 0 to 5 W/cm 20%

Temporal Peak/Temporal Average Intensity- 2.8:1 20%

Treatment Timer- adjustable 0 to 30 minutes

Applicator (Transducer)

Crystal Material- barium-titanate

Applicator Beam Type- collimating

Frequency- 1.0 MHz 5%

ERA (Effective Radiating Area)- 4 cm 20%

BNR (Beam Nonuniformity Ratio)- 5.5:1 maximum

Small Faceplate Size- 1.5″ diameter
Standard Faceplate Size- 2.25″ diameter
Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed practitioner
Ultrasound Features
  • Lightweight standard transducer
  • Optional QuickConnect transducer
  • Optional small transducer with QuickConnect cable
  • Cable fault alarm system
  • Transducer protection switch
  • Adjustable interrupted output mode
  • 0 to 20 watt output 30 minute timer
Stimulator Features
  • Dual channel, 4 pad stimulator
  • Dual intensity controls
  • Polarity control
  • Bipolar application (no dispersive pad)
  • Selectable frequency, pulse width, on/off surge duration
  • Surge and reciprocal mode ramped
  • Intensity reset circuit
  • Patient treatment stop switch
  • Combination therapy capability
  • Two Year Warranty – Generator – Parts and Labor
  • One Year Warranty – Transducer – Parts and Labor

Waveform- dc “needle” pulses with no parasitic spike

Output Voltage- 0 to 500 peak V

Output Intensity-  20 C maximum charge per pulse into 100 Ohm load

Pulse Width- narrow 10 s, medium 20 s, wide 30 s

Frequency Range- 1 to 160 pulses per s

Surge On Duration, Reciprocal On/Off Duration- 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30 s

Surge Off Duration- 2.5, 5, 10, 15,
20, 30, 50, 90 s

Instrument US/752

Overall Dimensions- 19″ W x 11″ D x 7″ H

Weight (including transducer)- 20 lbs

Shipping Weight- 27 lbs

Ordering Information US/752

Standard Soundhead- 32-US/752

Standard QuickConnect Soundhead- 32-US/752-D

Small QuickConnect Soundhead- 32-US/752-SM

Standard/Small QuickConnect Soundhead- 32-US/752-D2

Wall Mount Bracket- 9-WB

High Impact Plastic Utility Cart- 4-APS-2000

Paddle Electrode- 2-PES

Treatment Handle- 2-118

Flextrodeå¨ 8″ x 10″ Dispersive Electrode – 2-F106

Weight6 lbs